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Enfuego Technologies helps job seekers by providing a service that accurately highlights their skills and formulates a dynamic resume that presents them as a solid candidate for jobs they apply for. Our platform also helps companies gain access to the best possible candidates for their job openings. All too often the best candidate for a job is overlooked because of formatting or word omission flaws in their resume. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) catches these flaws, and as a result, keeps the applicant from moving forward in the process. We have researched how these “robots” work and understand the best practices for generating well-formatted resumes. Enfuego bridges the gap between employers and job seekers with tools to match people to work that works for them.

  • Unemployed or under-employed talent looking for job opportunities.

  • Job seekers looking for better opportunities or a career change.

  • Military personnel transitioning to jobs in civilian industries.

  • Companies seeking the most qualified candidates.


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Feel Current Job Seeking Technology Is Broken


Enfuego is mission-ready. The 2018 pilot study of this technology with the Arizona Department of Economic Security supported our thesis: Dynamic Content Resumes perform better in successfully placing people in jobs than the state’s incumbent systems. The study targeted 1,500 unemployment insurance recipients and included a control group selected by the state. The pilot findings showed that Enfuego put 57% more people to work than existing support systems and Enfuego users who landed a job were 20% less likely to return for unemployment insurance benefits.

Further, the rate of those returning to DES for unemployment benefits within 90 days of starting a new job was 20% lower for Enfuego users than for those who did not use Enfuego — an indicator of Enfuego’s effectiveness at matching applicants to jobs. The same pilot program found that the Enfuego users stayed in the positions they filled longer than those who found jobs outside of the Enfuego platform. This is important as it means these individuals were less susceptible to wage disruptions.


Enfuego helps job seekers understand their own strengths and gives them the opportunity to improve their skills descriptions before submitting their resume.


Ending the tyranny of a lousy job search.


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