About Enfuego

We have all been through the job application and resume submission process. And most of us have had the experience of applying for a position that seems to be a perfect match to our talents, only to find out that the resume screening technology doesn’t agree with our assessment. A missing key word here, a misinterpreted term there and the job interview progression is either halted midway…or never starts at all. After reliving this scenario for nearly a year back in 2015, our company founder Paul Hughes finally had enough. Then he had an idea: create a platform that “beats the robots” by intuitively capturing and communicating applicant skills to employers via a dynamically generated resume that is automatically customized to better match a given job description.

  • We understand job seeker frustration.

  • We see opportunities for those seeking employment.

  • We have created the tools to help people find jobs that match their skills.

Enfuego wants job seekers to be “on fire” (in a good way) for the job seeking process. We can help you move from struggle to success in finding a position where you can truly thrive, not just survive.


Enfuego Technologies applies machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve the language barrier between people who write resumes and the ATS machines that read them. Enfuego is a first-of-its-kind, online platform featuring a new, patent-pending technology called Dynamic Content Resumes (DCR). The process starts with an upload of a current resume or manual entry of all user skills. Our tools evaluate the skills entered and provide feedback on how well they match a job listing. This allows candidates to better characterize their talents or even build new skills before applying for a job. Candidates can then create a Dynamic Content Resume for each job of interest. Resumes are tailored to the job selected with the proper formatting and typographical styles that ATS machines understand.

  • Skill Cloud that contains job seeker’s unlimited skills library.

  • Skills matching and scoring for jobs available.

  • Feedback provided BEFORE  job application submission.

  • Dynamic, tailored, error-free and formatted resumes.

Ending the tyranny of a lousy job search.


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