Helping Job Seekers Beat The Robots

Employers use computerized tools called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or as we call them “robots”. These systems are known to prevent upwards of 75% of resumes from ever being seen by a human. The ATS may also reject resumes with typos or formatting the ATS can’t “read.” Enfuego’s Skill Cloud feature enables job applicants to “upskill” or improve their career profile to better match job opportunities, along with Dynamic Content Resumes to tailor a properly formatted resume to each job applied for.

Customize the skills on your Dynamic Content Resume for every job you apply for. Talk to the bots in a language they understand. Get the job you want.

Your Skills. No Limits.

Manage Career Skills Easily & Create Tailored Resumes Quickly

Enfuego Technologies provides a solution that helps job seekers manage a library of skills acquired throughout their career. The Enfuego Skill Cloud feature allows users to add unlimited skills and also suggests proficiencies they have that may be titled differently in other industries. Job scoring is also provided to show how well an applicant’s skills match a job description. Skills required for a job are displayed and the candidate is shown different abilities that were not included in their Skill Cloud that would make them a better fit for the job. They can then use the Dynamic Content Resume (DCR) feature – a patent-pending technology that blends elements of artificial intelligence and other state-of-the-art innovations – to automatically customize their resume. This reduces the time required to tailor resumes to each new position, and helps the candidate to market themselves more effectively. The Enfuego platform allows job candidates to successfully navigate the ATS screening process, which leads to landing interviews and obtaining jobs that are a vocational and financial fit.

Do you want to advance your current career or are you interested in taking your skills to a new industry or sector?

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NOTE: Enfuego platform users are required to have an active ZipRecruiter account.

Automated Profile Creation

Users are guided through an intuitive process that captures and characterizes their skills and experience. This is done by uploading a current resume file and our system parsing out the information contained in it. Users also have the option of adding their information manually.

Enfuego Skill Cloud

Job candidates can manage all of the skills they have acquired throughout their career. Our system uses this library of candidate skills to determine which jobs fit the job seeker’s skills. The Skill Cloud also presents job seekers with skills they could obtain to become better suited for different jobs. These skills may be valuable within their current industry or present opportunities for a career in a new industry.

Job Match Scoring

Enfuego scans all job postings and compares them against a candidate’s Skill Cloud for scoring, which provides the user with jobs for which they may be well qualified. Numeric scoring indicates how well a candidate is matched for a job, and skills that are part of a job description but not included in a candidate’s Skill Cloud are also displayed. This enables candidates to add the skill to their profile or to understand what is needed to be a stronger candidate for the position.

Dynamic Content Resumes (DCR)

This is part of how we help job seekers beat the robots.  Our platform produces a customized resume, free of typographical and formatting errors, that accurately and deeply matches the job description. This results in a resume that is more likely to pass the automated evaluation process of ATS platforms. Better resume, better chance of being in a postion to be considered a viable candidate for the job.

Not Just For Job Seekers

Enterprises Can Help Employees Find New Jobs

Organizations often face the difficult decision to release employees. Enfuego Technologies can serve the enterprise market by providing a platform that gives those re-entering the workforce a way to showcase their proficiencies and find jobs that are a match to their skills and salary requirements. 

Ending the tyranny of a lousy job search.


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