About Us

Our goal is to provide the job seeker with the tools necessary to find a new position more quickly, help them present HR with the best possible résumé based on their factual data, and provide them with the strongest comprehension of their competitiveness in support of smarter salary negotiations.

One of the most stressful times in your career is going to be the hunt for your next gig. There are over 2 million jobs posted in the US at any given time and in an era where the message about your experience and qualifications is getting more complicated, HR departments have less attention span to conduct their evaluation of you. This phenomenon is a substantial part of the reason you may never hear about the quality of your résumé or the status of your application. It’s a frustrating experience for the job seeker that has remained substantially the same since the ‘60s and they deserve better.

Enfuego serves the interest of the job seeker by providing new tools to boost the relevance of the job posts that are showing up in their search. By creating a deep three-dimensional “word cloud” describing all of your experience, interests, responsibilities, education and ambitions, Enfuego will also auto-generate a uniquely crafted résumé for every position they apply for. Why bother? Because nearly 40% of HR executives feel that job seekers are submitting resumes that are “too generic” and are not tuned to the specific job description. This means that the most qualified person could be interested in the role but end up getting overlooked.

Our opinion is that work should search for people, and our vision is that one day employers will no longer publish postings for skilled jobs because Enfuego provided them with direct access to the deepest understanding of the job seeker than ever before, allowing them to dodge an avalanche of unqualified interest.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Paul Hughes, Founder

Scottsdale, Arizona